Do you have enough paperwork to do?

We do too. That's why, whenever possible, we delegate ours to a computer.
You might be doing more than your fair share. When it comes to Perkins funding, there are a lot of data to look up, a lot of calculations to make, and a lot of form fields to fill out.

Program Effectiveness

For evaluating your CTE program's effectiveness, you're probably the best person to do that. But we can help you a little by letting you easily find which of your Limited English Proficiency students are participating in your program, for example. That's just one case. We can help you filter on many other student attributes too, which can provide you some of the evidence you'll be entering in your Perkins Program Effectiveness Report for equal access and special populations.

The Perkins Grant application is a long one (17 pages the last time we checked!) though, and it's not all long descriptions and short fields of evidence for program effectiveness. A sizable part of the grant application is dedicated to certifications and licenses earned by your students. That's one place where we can really shine.

CTE reports of certifications taken/passed, with segments by gender, special populations, and ethnicity available.

Your teachers will log in to the system, find the certifications relevant to only the courses they teach, and check off which of their students took or took & passed the examination. Based on that information, we can show you all of the reports above.
What if all of your vendors worked with CTE Directors, CTE Coordinators, and CTE Teachers to design the software they use?

We worked directly with one of our school districts when it came time to get teacher buy-in for using using this, so it's as streamlined as possible: log in, enter the information, and get out. We don't want them to spend a lot of time entering data -- they can use that time for more important things.

Automate Your CTE Data & Analysis

And you know the decision chart to calculate the CTE indicator code?

Flowchart from the 2011-2012 Student Attendance Accounting Handbook, page 146

You don't need to go through that complicated process for hundreds or thousands of students twice a year. Let us do the calculations for you:

Just click here to have all the information you need.

Your technical staff can set up a service account with us and use it to automate the download of coding information for import directly to your student system.

And don't worry about this being a black box that gives you no insight into why a student was coded a certain way. We'll tell you right here which programs of study their CTE courses are in, right next to how many credits we're seeing as enrolled and earned:

We show the reasoning behind why a student was coded the way they were coded.

Want to see what your looked like on a snapshot date? No problem, we've got that too.

Viewing snapshot data is as simple a flipping a switch.

Our CTE Data & Analysis also integrates well with our student personal graduation plans to give you a broader picture of each student's high school career.

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