Do you have the clearest picture of your
students' personal graduation plans?

A four-year-plan guides student learning throughout their high school career, and TEA lists it as a factor in 3 of 10 high school best practice summaries whose schools achieved dramatic improvements in student performance.

As of changes passed into law in 2013, a PGP is required for students in Texas.
Paper plans are a great way to get feedback from individual students once or twice a year. However, you have no way to check the status of a broad range of students, and once the plan is filled out, it doesn't change to reflect reality, unless you meet with the student again.

Find What You're Looking For

With our advanced search tools, you're not just limited to finding a specific student. You can search for a broad cross-section of students matching several attributes. Want to see which of your At Risk students have a PGP this year? No problem.

Screenshot of advanced student search filtering capabilities.

You can even see which students have indicated changes to their plans, so counselors can quickly review and accept them into the official plan for each student.

A Living, Breathing Plan

But the secret to making your students' four-year-plans manageable isn't about how easy we make it to do the work you need to do -- it's about the work we ensure you don't have to do.

As a student takes courses, changes their graduation program, or decides to take a different CTE Program of Study, their plan is automatically updated, with no user intervention required.

A typical four year graduation plan for a student.

We're from Texas, so we've built it so that not only can you tell if a student is on track for their endorsement, but exactly where they are deficient if they are not on track. You can also see what areas they are missing in their FHSP, and check whether they are going to count towards your CCMR accountability.

Easy Course Selection

When you do want to manually adjust the student's plan, we make it easy. Just find the year and subject, and make your change directly on the plan itself. Need to fill out all the courses for the student's upcoming year? You don't need to do it one-at-a-time; That takes too long.

Course selection is fast and easy.

What if all of your vendors worked with counselors when designing their products?
We worked directly with one of our school districts and took the advice of their counselors on how to make course selection as smooth as possible.

After course selections are filled out, your technical staff can set up a service account with us, and use it to automate the download of this data for import directly into your student system. Next year's classes get scheduled based on what each student saw this year in their four year plan.

Our Four-Year-Plans software also integrates well with CTE Data & Analysis, which automatically calculates data needed for Perkins funding.

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